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Health APB - Test

by Health APB

How it works… Starting with a daily check in, our program will create your daily calorie...

How it works… Starting with a daily check in, our program will create your daily calorie IN, OUT and ALL goals. Your ALL Point goal is simply the amount of calories you want to lose or gain each day. You will then receive an IN objective and an OUT objective throughout the day.  Your IN objective will be the amount of calories for your next meal.  Your OUT objective will be the amount of calories to burn during for your workout. Need extra help? Use the APB Today and Weekly analysis tools to see how you are doing with your hydration, macros and food group consumption. Even more help? If you ever get stuck on what to do next, simply click the ‘APB Now’ button from your ‘Dashboard’ to get a snapshot of everything you need to do next to complete your objectives. Continue to check in with your APB Now and complete your objectives until you reach your ALL Calorie goal for the day. We do everything calorie counters do plus much more… - One click stop with up to date objectives to complete - The ability to adapt to your daily lifestyle changes - Create custom meals - Meal sizes that differ during the day based on sleep patterns - Creates custom cardio routines - Shows you what to do if you over eat or eat too little - Shows you different ways to cook all your foods - Gives you nutrition and fitness objectives to complete everyday - Gives you the flexibility to eat/exercise on your own or have custom meals/workouts created for you KEY FEATURES APB Now tool - Shows you exactly what to do next and what tools to use - See all your current IN, OUT objectives and water intake tips until you reach your daily goals IN Objectives - Creates new meals with a calorie amount and times to eat OUT Objectives - Creates new workout calories to burn and times to complete Meal Creator ⁃ Balanced meals based on personal preference ⁃ Personalize your meal with the swipe of a finger ⁃ Create custom meals based on calorie goals ⁃ Learn how to prepare each food in your meal ⁃ Learn how to cook each food in your meal ⁃ Learn how to put together your meal ⁃ Foods are portioned out for each meal accordingly   Meal log to track foods you eat on your own** - Food database with over 65,000 foods - View each foods Nutrition Facts - Search and add portions of each food you ate - Save meals you eat regular for easy tracking later Saved Meals - View your favorite meals and protein shakes - Easily track meals you eat on a regular basis Beverage log to track what you drink - Everything from water to juice to coffee - Measured out in fluid ounces - Track protein shakes and save for easy tracking Cardio Creator - Custom workouts tailored to fit your needs ⁃ Select one of 16 popular cardio exercise ⁃ Heart rate and time based workouts ⁃ Distance and time based workouts ⁃ Speed and time based workouts ⁃ Intensity and time based workouts ⁃ Modifications for different fitness levels Daily and Weekly Analysis Daily - Your current water intake - Your current macro status - What foods from each food group you have consumed - How much is left to eat from each food group Weekly - Your calories in and out results - Your hydration outcome - Macro information - Food group outcome - Good foods you eat - Foods you eat to limit - Foods you eat to avoid - Exercise analysis Grocery List Creator - Select your favorite foods from each food group - Select how many days you would like to shop for - Portioned amounts of each food item to see what to buy for upcoming days

6 Dec - 9 Dec

iOS 6.0 - 15.1

iPhone, iPad

Catenaccio Football Manager - Test

by catenaccio

Start with your team from the minor leagues, improve your club and challenge the best...

Start with your team from the minor leagues, improve your club and challenge the best players all over the world! Catenaccio Football Manager has a custom engine that will simulate faithfully the development of the match, taking in consideration the specific values of the players, the tactics of both teams, the influence of the stadium and, like in every sport, luck can change the final results! Every day you will face other managers, so be careful to check your formation in order to line up your bests 11, taking in consideration injury, tired players and suspensions At the end of the season your team will go to training, some players will increase their capability and their values, some of them may get worst or even retire! What's better then have your team evolve from season to season and see your young protégé became a world class top player? Main features of Catenaccio Football Manager: - FREE to play. Always - Challenge other manager all over the world - Perpetual seasons, your team will follow you forever! - Custom engine simulator Join the early access release and be among the first lucky users to have a preview of Catenaccio Football Manager. Other amazing features are already in progress and will be released soon For any comments, questions or requests: Did you find any translation errors? report them to to get in-game rewards!

26 Nov - 17 Dec

Android 3.2 - 12.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable